Dance Styles CoStepCoCoStep.Co teach dance classes in Scotland. These group classes are for dancers of all levels in Argentine Tango & Ballroom (also Latin & Swing). Our Beginners classes are specially designed for people who’ve never danced before whilst the Post-Beginners sessions (Main Class) offer the ideal opportunity to further develop your basic dancing skills. If you are an experienced dancer then you’re welcome to join our small Advanced groups. Contact us for more information.

Weddings RingsCoStep.Co also specialise in preparing couples for their Wedding First Dance. In addition to group classes we offer a range of private tuition options; from a single session covering basics steps to a series of lessons to give a more polished performance.

Dance Gift CoStep.Co
Looking for that Perfect Present ?
A personalised CoStep.Co Dance gift is a thoughtful and unique way to celebrate a special event. What a wonderful way to tell someone how special they are and help them make it a truly memorable occasion.
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CoStepCo Dancing Diary Cover
Our Dancing Diary helps class members identify good opportunities to enjoy dancing;
In this section we give details of specially selected dance events in the UK and mainland Europe. These include different types of events (e.g. Formal Balls & International Festivals) and cover a variety of dance styles.
Come Dancing with us and Join the Club!


” Be yourself. It will pay dividends in dance enjoyment. Styles in dancing are developed just as inevitably as styles in writing or painting. After you have been dancing for a time, you will find you do the Foxtrot, the Waltz, or the Tango, just a little bit differently from anyone else. You have developed your own individual style.”

Fred Astaire